the ultimate list of premium WordPress booking & reservation plugins

When it comes to restaurant websites, they can’t just look like any generic website out there, we all know this. A certain kind of a website requires a certain kind of plugin installed in order for it to work perfectly. A restaurant website needs to keep up with the new trends and nowadays having a booking & reservation system online is really a necessity. Finding the right WordPress plugin might be tricky, with thousands of plugins circling all over the internet. Not all of them are so great, and let’s be honest here, quality doesn’t just grow on trees, nor on URL’s 😉

It does take a lot of time and effort to find the right plugins that are not only going to create a successful reservation system on your website, but also look good and be easy to use for you and your customers.

We know by now that WordPress is incredibly functional and easy to use, therefor I’ve dug up 12 awesome premium WordPress booking and reservation plugins, and I’ll try to explain why each one of them is fantastic, and what it can be used for.

So, let’s get started, shall we?


BookingWizzThis is a very powerful plugin, but it is also very easy to use and setup. It is literally allowing you to create an amazing booking system within few minutes. BookingWizz contains various management options, nice flexibility and easy customization. You will be able to create free and paid reservations online, set a time frame available for registration for each day, set various restrictions or set how many hours a single customer can reserve per booking, easily setup the prices, availability and much more.

Unlimited calendars and events can be created, as well as hourly bookings, daily bookings, recurring events, reports, etc. PayPal payments are integrated as well as offline payments. Managing taxes and currency is also well organized and multilingual support is available. Various options are included and working with the control panel is a piece of cake because it is both simple and very powerful. A single-site license for BookingWizz is priced at $35.

back- and frontend screenshots from BookingWizz

Booking System PRO

Booking System PROIf you need a very detailed, very well organized booking plugin that offers multi-user and multi-site support AND offers fully responsive calendars that are going to look great on any device, this is the right tool for you. It can be used for booking anything, anywhere, anytime. A great looking booking calendar is going to be displayed at the frontend, allowing your visitors to see which hour and which date is available for booking.

This calendar includes a sidebar through which your clients can search for availability and also set the number of items they want, set the price and book anything very easily. The backend of this plugin is similar to the frontend version so the admins basically see what the clients can see and they can easily add any information needed. You can go into deep detail about your prices, booking restrictions or any other option regarding book days or book hours. Your own custom booking form can be created and you will also be able to create an unlimited number of CSS templates and customize your front-end calendars as you please. PayPal payments are included, and you can choose whichever currency you need for your reservation system. A single-site license for Booking System PRO is priced at $25.

back- and frontend screenshots from Booking System PRO

Event Booking Pro

Event Booking PROAn awesome plugin that offers not only an amazing booking system but also many options you and your customers are going to love. With unlimited events, offline booking as well as PayPal integration, detailed filters for events listing, quantity booking and handy shortcodes for responsive calendar, responsive event box, responsive event button and responsive carousel, this plugin sets new standards in the booking system. It features 300+ settings and every single thing about it is customizable including text, borders, colors, size… anything you need to change and adapt to your own needs is easily edited. Offline booking form customization is featured as well.

A coupon system is featured and multiple ticket systems too. You’ll get integrated email templates along with the plugin, and event recurrence is included as well. A single-site license for Event Booking Pro is priced at $18, and with so many great features in one little plugin that’s by the way extremely easy to setup and manage – I must say I’m impressed.

back- and frontend screenshots from Event Booking Pro

Event Espresso

Event EspressoAlready trusted by a large group of users, Event Espresso is one of the best and well known WordPress event registration and ticketing manager plugins. You can host any kind of event with this plugin and easily turn your WordPress blog into a great event management website which includes everything it should. The event designs are customizable and you can make them look anyway you need them to.

Multiple ticket & pricing options are included, as well as a nice venue manager, staff manager, customized events registration with an accurate attendee manager and many more. The events can be categorized very easily and manual registration is featured as well. A single-site license for Event Espresso is priced at $89.95, BUT when you use our exclusive Event Espresso coupon code you’ll get a discount up to $25 (automatically applied when you click the button below).

back- and frontend screenshots from Event Espresso

JS Restaurant table reservation plugin

JS Restaurant table reservation pluginThis one is specifically targeted at restaurant websites. It includes a table reservation system and menus management allowing your customers to place orders easily and quickly. There are two versions of this plugin: a single restaurant and a multi restaurant edition. The multiple restaurant version has a theme included and it allows your members to create their own accounts and add their own restaurant to your website with the admin’s approval.

Built-in search tools are included as well as individual contact forms. As for general features, an hourly booking calendar is included with options to set time and place. You will receive the orders directly through email and your customers are going to be able to pay through multiple payment gateways, including cash, PayPal, Authorize and Google Checkout. You can edit and delete categories from your menu and you can also edit and delete any menu items. With multiple language support and a coupon ready system, great stats and free support, JS Restaurant table reservation plugin is up there at the very top of reservation plugins. A single-site license for the JS Restaurant table reservation plugin is priced at $25.

back- and frontend screenshots from JS Restaurant

Online Hotel Booking System

Online Hotel Booking SystemTargeted at hotels, this plugin offers some seriously detailed reservation and booking options. It is an automated booking engine for a single hotel where you can assign an unlimited number of rooms with combinations of room type and capacity. A day wise price plan can be created and advance payment percentage for total amount can be set month wise.

A cancellation feature is included and a booking history list as well. A 12 months calendar view of room availability will be shown with a multilingual feature for the front end. Three payment gateways are included: PayPal, pay on arrival and offline credit card. Search features are included as well as a child feature, and you will receive an email confirmation of all the bookings. A single-site license for the Online Hotel Booking System plugin is priced at $25.

screenshots from Online Hotel Booking System

Reservations Calendar

Reservations CalendarThis plugin is very lightweight and it features a clean design. It is very easy for setting up and interacting so neither you nor your customers will have any trouble finding your way around. PayPal payment is included and it is compatible with all major browsers. It is going to place a nice looking booking calendar on your website so your customers can easily make reservations.

Although no images are supported, the reservation calendar looks very clean and it is very easy to manage. You will be able to set your own parameters in terms of availability in terms of starting and ending hours or a certain price or discount, certain days, months, etc. A single-site license for the Reservations Calendar plugin is priced at $12.

screenshots from Reservations Calendar

WordPress Seat Booking System

WordPress Seat Booking SystemThis baby can be used for anything that includes seats, like cinemas, buses, trains, but also restaurants and bars. You can design the interface per need, and you can set your limits and restrictions as you please. A shortcode can be used in any post types and pages, and creating seats with colors, names and cost is just few clicks away.

You can set paid seats and free seats, and the free ones are going to be booked automatically, while the paid ones get temporarily booked until the person finishes their payment. Very handy and very simple to use, this plugin is going to help you easily organize everything. A single-site license for WordPress Seat Booking System is priced at $18.

back- and frontend screenshots from WordPress Seat Booking System

WP Booking Calendar

WP Booking CalendarThe only thing you are going to have to setup here is your basic configuration parameters such as your email, your website URL, etc. You won’t need to touch the codes at all, and if you are looking for a plugin that’s perfect for people who have no coding experience – this is it. No coding skills are required and yet this tool offers so much!

You can create a calendar for any of the services you provide, and set different time frames for each day and your customers will be able to see the availability and easily place their reservations. You and your customer will both get confirmation emails about the booking. It works perfectly and it is perfect for beginners. A single-site license for the WP Booking Calendar plugin is priced at $15.

back- and frontend screenshots from WP Booking Calendar

Appointment Booking Calendar Pro

Appointment Booking CalendarThis great tool can be used for any website where a specific time from a defined set must be selected, such as classrooms, events, transportation, but also restaurants, medical consultation, etc. The customer books an available time slot and you can define the capacity for each time slot. It can be (optionally) connected to a PayPal payment page. Multiple calendars can be presented and you can assign a user to each calendar, which is nice for multi author blogs where each author manages his own calendar.

Each calendar includes a printable list of bookings and you can define coupons and discount codes. Multiple prices are supported in the optional “services list”. Email reminders are included for all appointments and of course email notifications for all bookings. Specific dates can be blocked and restricted for booking, and you can rewrite the predefined time slots for any specific day. The interface is very modern and your customers should be satisfied with each detail. Appointment Booking Calendar Pro is priced at $49.99.

back- and frontend screenshots from Appointment Booking Calendar Pro


Appointments+Appointments+ is a very comprehensive appointments booking plugin developed by WPMU DEV that is perfect for businesses that schedule specific time with their clients, such as spas, web designers, sales executives, consultants, etc. Your customers will be able to book their own appointment online with just few clicks. The built-in CRM will let you manage your customer information easily, and you can also manage your entire team, create unlimited service providers and unlimited services.

Appointments can be booked up to one year out and you can manage all the appointments from Google Calendar. Payments and deposits can be collected through PayPal and you can have this with no coding or button creation. With 30+ custom appointment features you can get as detailed as you want about your services and their bookings. Pricing for the Appointments+ plugin starts at $19.

back- and frontend screenshots from Appointments+

Planyo online reservation system

PlanyoPlanyo is a plugin with a very flexible design and many great options, perfect for hotels, apartments, but also restaurants, boat rentals, etc. You will be able to embed the reservation form on your website so your clients don’t have to leave the website to make a reservation. They will remain on your page throughout the whole process.

Planyo is quite simple to use and it features many flexible options that you will be able to easily setup so they fit your businesses needs perfectly. Pricing for Planyo Pro starts at $26 a month OR on commission base (1.5%), and you can take advantage of their 30-day free trial.

back- and frontend screenshots from Planyo

Now, all you’ve gotta do is choose the one that’s perfect for your kind of business. These plugins aren’t free, but they are very affordable, and if we keep in mind just how much helpful they will be for your website, I’d say they’re worth every dime. However, in case you are looking for a booking system specifically for a restaurant, why not check out our restaurant themes? Many of them include amazing booking systems and by choosing a theme that already has it integrated, you won’t have to bother with anything, not to mention you won’t pay the full price of a booking plugin because ironically, some of our themes cost less than one single plugin!

Do you maybe know of some other booking & reservation plugins I haven’t mentioned here? Please let me know, your suggestions are most welcome!