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  • namecoRestaurant

    categoriesbrasserie & bistro, café & coffeehouse, Italian restaurant, Japanese restaurant

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    release dateMarch 2012

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    coRestaurant is a theme from developer Clover Themes. This theme is simplistic and highly picture-based, which can be great for drawing customers in. As soon as a customer lands on your website, they will be greeted with huge, high-resolution pictures of delicious food. This is exactly what you want! If a hungry customer arrives at your website and sees pages and pages of boring text, chances are they are going to leave and visit your competitors websites.

    Another benefit of this theme is that it really highlights your phone number, making it easy for customers to call in for reservations or to-go orders. As you can see from the demo, the phone number is listed at the very top of the page. Directly under the phone number is a list of important links – menu, blog, location, etc. These pages are optional, of course, and you can choose what kinds of pages you want to highlight, and what content you want to display on said pages. Also, there are 3 different templates for the menu listing, and 2 blog templates, so you can really customize the look and feel of your website without having to actually code anything.

    As mentioned, this is a highly visual theme. Front and center is a HUGE picture gallery that slides automatically from picture to picture. This will help to draw people in, and keep them on your site. Under the large picture gallery is a place for up to 3 featured pages, identified by pictures. This can be a great place to list your daily specials, happy-hour deals, or positive reviews from your loyal customers!

    I think that you will find from the demo that this theme is very easy on the eye. Plus, the simple design makes it cross-browser compatible, meaning that it will work on any browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.).

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