JM Italian Restaurant

a Joomla restaurant template by Joomla Monster

JM Italian Restaurant template review

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  • nameJM Italian Restaurant
    developerJoomla Monster

    (compatible with version 2.5 - 3.x)
    categoriesItalian restaurant

    pricestarting at $55
    license100% GPL license
    release dateOctober 2012

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    Looking for a responsive Italian restaurant template for Joomla? Look no further; JM Italian Restaurant is a great looking, feature rich template with many customization possibilities. The template was developed by Joomla Monster.

    This template features a very original, eye-catching design that allows you to configure many elements and fit them to your needs. It also includes many module designs and badges you will surely find interesting and useful. The DJ-Flyer extension is featured and it represents a great solution for presenting menu items in a nice and interesting way.

    The set of colors chosen for this template is very nice and compact, and give the whole layout a nice, elegant look and feel. Your Italian restaurant will be represented in the best possible way with this pretty design. With black, white and nice shades of orange, it will match the Italian temperament perfectly. You will be able to feature many menu items in an eye catching, attractive way and focus your readers’ attention on the most important thing: your delicious food.

    A nice welcoming note will make your visitors feel the comfort and coziness your restaurant provides and you will be able to place such a note on your homepage. Featuring your menu items on the homepage will be done in a nice style, and you will be able to attach photos and prices which after clicking on them redirect your visitors to the right page where you can tell them all about the featured dish. You can include full recipes and preparation instructions as well, get as detailed as you want to when presenting your food.

    This is a responsive Joomla Italian restaurant template which means your website will look perfect regardless of the device it is seen from, and it includes a QR code for easier browsing with smartphones and tablets. JM Italian Restaurant features great social integration, giving you the opportunity of connecting your website to the most popular social networks.

    The template is very easy to install and customize and it offers a fully functional, attractive website you can create all by yourself.

  • features colors styles navigation
    • blog
    • Bootstrap powered
    • homepage slider
    • menu card
    • opening hours
    • PSD files included
    • responsive layout
    • search
    • cream
    • orange
    • red
    • yellow
    • light
    • modern