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Symphony Themes stand for quality and functionality. Their entire theme collection looks great, and most importantly- they deliver exactly what they promise. You won’t need to spend hours on your computer configuring your website and fitting the theme. The best thing a developer can do is creating a theme that needs no extra work and no extra payment. This kind of all-in-one themes is what makes Symphony Themes a great, responsible developer everyone needs to check out.
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Template Monster is one of the largest template/theme marketplaces on the web, with more than 20,000 unique themes and templates. They offer themes for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Bootstrap, simple HTML, and more! Plus, the content at Template Monster is always fresh, since they add an average of 450-500 new themes/templates each and every month! So check them out today, and be sure to check back every so often to see what they have to offer!
  • 14 Drupal restaurant themes
  • 23 Facebook restaurant page templates
  • 9 HTML restaurant templates
  • 36 Joomla restaurant templates
  • 42 WordPress restaurant themes
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Templatic is a WordPress theme development company, established in 2008. In their 5 years of business, they have established a track record of great products and great customer service. Unlike their competition, Templatic allows you to test out themes before you buy them, giving you access to the front-end AND back-end of the theme. Lastly, Templatic offers excellent customer service, both through a private support desk and a user forum.
  • 2 WordPress restaurant themes
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ThemeForest is a huge online marketplace for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Bootstrap, and HTML themes and templates. Currently boasting almost 11,000 different site templates and themes (as of August, 2013), ThemeForest has one of the best selections on the Internet. Since there are so many different designers and developers offering up their goods on this site, there are a ton of different styles to choose from. Plus, so many competing developers lead to lower prices for you, the consumer!
  • 1 Drupal restaurant theme
  • 1 Facebook restaurant page template
  • 40 HTML restaurant templates
  • 3 Joomla restaurant templates
  • 53 WordPress restaurant themes
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