themes for bars & pubs

Since they were invented, bars have been perfect for relaxing and chilling. A bar needs to be heard of and seen by the masses for it to be successful. The best way to advertise your bar is online, by setting up a professional, great looking website. We will help you do it at a low price and without having to pay fortune for it! With quality themes, it’s possible to run your website by yourself and fully control it. Click here to check out the huge variety of themes and templates for bars and pubs, and choose the right one for you!

  • 1 Drupal bar & pub theme
  • 6 Facebook bar & pub page templates
  • 6 HTML bar & pub templates
  • 2 Joomla bar & pub templates
  • 17 WordPress bar & pub themes

themes for brasseries & bistros

For a successful business, you need to invest time and effort in it, and very often, a lot of money as well. Brasserie & bistro owners are well aware of this, and they know that advertising means everything in the restaurant business. Running a website for your bistro might sound like a huge, project, but it actually doesn’t have to be. All you need to find is a quality yet affordable restaurant website template or theme that does all the work for you. We choose the best ones available and present them to you, highlighting what’s best about each of them. Click here to check them all out and find your favorite!

  • 14 Drupal brasserie & bistro themes
  • 19 Facebook brasserie & bistro page templates
  • 43 HTML brasserie & bistro templates
  • 26 Joomla brasserie & bistro templates
  • 101 WordPress brasserie & bistro themes

themes for cafés & coffeehouses

Creating a website for your café is known to be expensive and complicated. With the right restaurant themes and templates, this doesn’t have to be the case. We feature the best, carefully chosen themes for your coffeehouse from various developers. What’s most important about these themes is: they are very easy to setup and run you can basically do it all by yourself, they are pretty, functional and professional and they come at a reasonable price anyone could afford! Click here to choose the one you like most for your café!

  • 4 Drupal café & coffeehouse themes
  • 14 Facebook café & coffeehouse page templates
  • 29 HTML café & coffeehouse templates
  • 17 Joomla café & coffeehouse templates
  • 82 WordPress café & coffeehouse themes

themes for fast food restaurants

If you want to create a professional, quality website for your fast food restaurant at a low price, you should check the themes and templates we feature. They are professional, made specifically for fast food restaurants, and you will surely be able to find the perfect one for your website. Most importantly, they are very easy to install and run, and you will be able to do it all by yourself, without the help of professionals. Click here to check them all out and choose the one you like most!

  • 2 Drupal fast food restaurant themes
  • 4 HTML fast food restaurant templates
  • 3 Joomla fast food restaurant templates
  • 11 WordPress fast food restaurant themes

themes for Italian restaurants

If you own an Italian restaurant and want to improve your business by creating a website for your place, you are most certainly on the right track! We feature restaurant themes and templates that will make it very possible for you to get your restaurant website up and running in a blink of an eye,

all by yourself and at a very affordable price! Click here to browse through our Italian restaurant themes, check what options each one of them features and it will be easy for you to choose the one that fits your needs the most.

  • 7 Drupal Italian restaurant themes
  • 6 Facebook Italian restaurant page templates
  • 16 HTML Italian restaurant templates
  • 15 Joomla Italian restaurant templates
  • 33 WordPress Italian restaurant themes

themes for Japanese restaurants

Creating a website for your Japanese restaurant is the best way of advertising your business. The internet is a huge market and you need to place your restaurant out there, because there is no better advert

than a professional website made especially for your restaurant niche. Here you can

find a great number of quality, functional, great looking Japanese restaurant themes at a very reasonable price. We research the themes one by one and present them to you so you can easily choose the right one for your restaurant so feel free to start browsing by clicking here!

  • 1 Drupal Japanese restaurant theme
  • 2 Facebook Japanese restaurant page templates
  • 3 HTML Japanese restaurant templates
  • 2 Joomla Japanese restaurant templates
  • 19 WordPress Japanese restaurant themes

themes for luxury restaurants

If you are running a luxury restaurant, the best way to promote it is by creating a stylish, elegant website that matches the glam of your restaurant and presents it to your visitors

in a shiny, sparkling way. We feature many themes that match this description, and with the help of these themes you will be able to create your website without

having to hire a professional. The themes are not only nice looking, they are also highly professional, functional and they feature many great options. Click here to pick the perfect one for your restaurant!

  • 1 Drupal luxury restaurant theme
  • 9 Facebook luxury restaurant page templates
  • 11 HTML luxury restaurant templates
  • 9 Joomla luxury restaurant templates
  • 44 WordPress luxury restaurant themes

themes for Mexican restaurants

Owners of Mexican restaurants know that it’s very important for your restaurant to be promoted in a right way. It’s the specific cuisine and atmosphere that attract people to these places, so it is very important for your website to fit your restaurant.

Creating a website that gives away the cozy atmosphere of your restaurant or all the delicacies

you offer isn’t a hard and complicated task any longer. Click here to check out our Mexican restaurant website templates, choose the one you like most and get your website up and running in no time, all by yourself!

  • 3 HTML Mexican restaurant templates
  • 14 WordPress Mexican restaurant themes

themes for seafood restaurants

If you are running a seafood restaurant and you want to create a website to improve your work, you’ve come to the right place!

We collect and research the finest seafood restaurant themes and present them to our readers so you folks can compare them and choose the one you think fits your restaurant perfectly. We feature themes created especially for your kind of restaurant. Each theme is

described and explained so you can easily decide which one has the exact features your website needs so click here to start browsing!

  • 1 Drupal seafood restaurant theme
  • 3 Facebook seafood restaurant page templates
  • 2 HTML seafood restaurant templates
  • 1 Joomla seafood restaurant template
  • 21 WordPress seafood restaurant themes

themes for wineries

Creating a website for your winery can be very easy and very affordable. We feature the best themes on our website, and we offer descriptions of each theme, with all the best features highlighted to make it very easy for you to choose the one you are looking for. The themes are professionally created in a manner which allows you to install them by yourself and save yourself a lot of money and time. They are affordable, functional and easy to maintain, all you have to do is choose the one you think best fits your winery!

  • 1 Joomla winery template
  • 9 WordPress winery themes